Providing IT, Electronics, Engineering and system support for businesses bringing products to market.

IoT TurnKey Software

We provide customers with a complete software integration, delivery and software maintenance solution. We have successfully delivered complex software integration projects for our customers. Our recent projects have deployed upgrades and improvements for our clients, to populations of 100's of units.

Factory Provisioning

We have developed a factory provisioning solution. This is used in our projects where we need to deploy settings or configurations to devices at the time of manufacture. The system can check test results, create unique identifiers and gather information from the device. This is often used as part of the manufacturing quality control and traceability process.

AWS IoT Bulk provisioning

We have built a bulk deployment solution for Amazon IoT devices. Our solution allow you to onboard and setup 10's to 100's of devices with ease. The solution requires only simple-setup on Amazon's IoT infrastructure. The devices themselves, trigger a secure on-boarding process which works "Just In Time"

Motor Drivers

In many products, there is a need for systems to drive some mechanical movement. We have extensive experience developing, testing and validating complex motor drive systems. These often need to include complex control, feedback, measurement & telemetry. We have created solutions for small actuators, to drive-train systems for vehicles.


Some examples of our experience & capabilities.

15+ years experience engineering and developing end 2 end solutions for products. Expert ease in both electronic and software domains for business systems and consumer products. Experience working with OEM and ODM in both UK and Asia to deliver products and solutions to market.

Specialties: Embedded device software, Device driver SW, Low power electronics & systems, Device and Service integrations, System integration, Device architecture, Service architecture, Network Infrastructure, Product Security, Internet of Things, Luxury Consumers

Software Platforms: Nokia Series 40; Nokia Series 60/Symbian; Windows RT; Android; Android Wear; Linux Kernel; Yocto; Linux. Embedded RtoS and dedicated C++ Embedded platforms for small footprint devices.

Device and Server Security, Hardware Security Module (HSM) based cryptography (IBM & Thales HSM’s), Certificate Authorities. MDM/EMM platforms, Android for Work, Google Cloud Platform.

Practical, hands-on experience with many IT platform & systems including Openstack, Yocto, AWS IoT, Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services, Office365 & Plesk.

Our Clients


Services that we can provide you, to help achieve your aims

Business Networking & IT

We provide a complete business network, IT and application support service. Our clients look to us, to handle all aspects of their business infrastructure needs. We can handle all aspects from the physical wires within your premises, to helping you manage your business application services.

Engineering Investigation

Key to delivering projects on-time, is to quickly get to the root cause of problems. We can provide support to analyze and investigate problems. Once we understand the root cause, we can work with the business to identify solution options. We will work with the teams, suppliers and partners to recommend a solution which fits the business need.

Software Development

Electronic & Embedded systems need software to make them work. We can provide software development support for your projects. From developing small software modules to handling the full software stack - we can provide a solution which meets your needs.

Prototype creation

To support our design work, we find that it is essential to see a number of final prototypes made. We can provide prototype creation and small batch assembly services. We use our global network of suppliers, to deliver custom, assembled and tested electronics & PCB assemblies. We find that this is a vital service to support our customer's project demands.


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